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 New Studio Location Update: We are open in our new beautiful studio.  All classes are in session with new class time soon to be announced!

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Mother’s Day Restorative Hot Yoga Sunday afternoon May 8th 4:00 PM CLICK ABOVE ON CLASSES TO RESERVE

Why another yoga studio?

Because we’re different!  We offer movement based creative classes at various levels of intensity in a heated studio. This heat allows for easier stretching.  We are unique because we are the first Hot Yoga studio in Vermont and Northern New England to heat with therapeutic, Far Infrared heating panels.  It feels like a hot and refreshing experience of a warm summer day. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary new method of heat therapy.

Why movement yoga?  What is that anyways?

The human body is made to move.  Even at rest we pulse, breath and move in subtle and obvious ways. Every 24 hours, we bend over, rise up, lift and carry; we sit, get up, reach out and spread our arms and legs; we lie down, get off the floor, step up and down stairs, walk, run and sometimes hop or jump.  These basic movement patterns define us as human and we are supposed to be able to do them well for our entire lives.  In our yoga classes, you will duplicate these basic movements and flow easily from pose to pose in a creative way that focuses the mind while stimulating the body.

So what can Hot Yoga do for me?

Our primary goal at Hot Yoga Burlington is to refine, restore and enhance your natural abilities. Our teachers are highly skilled with  yoga certifications and experience in other health practices like massage and physical therapy.  There is no need to put your foot behind your head or tie yourself up into a pretzel.  We don’t teach that.  We do stretch, lengthen and strengthen the entire body. In fact the more stiff and inflexible you think you might be the more you will benefit from class. You will feel the effects of your first class immediately.  By your third class others will notice the difference in you too.

I don’t have time for another activity.

Practically speaking hot yoga is the most efficient way to stretch and strengthen your body.  A class will also calm your mind, reducing the effects of stress and worry.  The benefits are proven and amazing.  And, the Far Infrared will help clear your skin, strengthen your cardiovascular system and heal aches and pains.  We focus on yoga for every body; men & women, young & old; regular folks like you. And we have classes for whatever mood you are in; gentle relaxing warm flow, beginner instruction and hot sweaty exercise yoga.   We are conveniently in Burlington  with easy free parking and our class fees are extremely reasonable.

Try a class!   1st class 2 for $15 that’s two people or two classes


Hot Yoga & Heated Vinyasa Yoga in Burlington, (VT) Vermont

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