Wild Thing Pose (Sanskrit- Camatkarasana)

Wild Thing Pose (Sanskrit-Camatkarasana) Pose of the Month

Do you need to turn things upside down this month?  Try this pose.  Wild Thing also called “flip your dog” is a variation on several poses like wheel, side plank and down dog. 

The pose is best done after sun salutations and the body is warmed up.  Hold down dog and plank for several breaths and then move on to side plank to effectively warm and prepare the arms, shoulders and core muscles.  Care should be taken for any shoulder or wrist issues.

From down dog shift weight into the left side of the body and lift the right leg up and back for 3 legged dog.  Inhale as you bend the right knee and lift the foot to the ceiling and begin to draw the foot towards the left side of the body. Stack the hips keeping the foot and knee high and pause to stretch out the right side of the body.  Exhale as you continue reaching the right foot over the left side eventually lowering the toe to the floor. As you flip the dog the right hand follows and you find yourself upside down.

Create the back bend that this pose is by inhaling and curling through the upper back and lifting the hips.  Keep breathing as you extend the right arm out and open your heart supported by both feet and the left hand.

To release draw you right hand and leg back around and step the foot back in place for down dog where you started.  Take a couple of breaths or rest in child’s pose to prepare for the other side.

This is a light hearted and fun pose so enjoy with a smile and laughter pranayama.