Class Style

A typical class is not difficult but it is very physical. You won’t be doing any poses that only a gymnast or circus performers could do.  The unique Hot Yoga style features pattern of poses that repeat and augment as new elements are added for each round.

It’s easy to catch on the the rhythm of the class.  It’s also easy to change, modify or even skip a portion of the class if you choose.  Simple verbal queuing as well as light hands on assists helps you find the optimal pose.  We are always watching for your signals and the  class is tempered or changed to meet the needs of the each group.

After warm up sequences,  the next 30 minutes will bring you onto a gathering wave of rising of energy.  The middle of the class is the crest of the wave, with a peak pose that has been precursored within the previous poses. The last portion of class is the warm down with deeper stretches and some final gentle movements.  Class ends with a five-minute resting pose or Savasana starting with a small cold stone that is placed on your forehead. As class finishes you receive a cool. moist orange-scented towel for your refreshment. It’s better than being at a spa!