What to Expect

Bill and Andrea - Yoga
  • Please, arrive 10-15 minutes before class for registration.
  • Bring a large towel, yoga mat, and bottle of water. The studio will have some mats and towels to borrow.
  • Come well hydrated and with an empty stomach – limit eating to one hour prior to class and then only a light snack of nuts or fruit.
  • Wear light workout clothing: shorts, similar to bathing suit shorts for men and a light T shirt.  Women wear fitted shorts and workout tops.
  • Please do not wear any perfumes or heavy scents.
  • Tell your instructor about injuries, special needs or concerns. You can skip postures that don’t feel right.
  • Create an intention for your practice.  This may help you focus.
  • Be comfortable in class, laughter is encouraged.
  • Don’t push your body. Avoid comparing your practice to another’s. Do what you can without straining or injuring yourself.
  • Take time for reflection after the class. Take note of the calmness and the decreased stress you may feel even into the next day.